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Learn More About Connect St. Helens

Connect SH is a coalition of people and organizations who believe and act together as if when we all belong, our citizens and our community will thrive. This means we strive to connect relationally and care for each other purposefully. Find out how you can share the time, energy, and resources you have in a way that increases well-being for you and your community.

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the future of connectsh
and our mission

As we move into 2021, we understand there is a bigger need than ever for connection, inter-personal relationships, and support systems for those in our society who need it most. 

Our mission moving forward is to honor our initial promise of creating a connection coalition in St. Helens, while also focusing on the following:

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get involved, make intentional relationships, discover new connections

what's happening in st. helens now?

Interested in being a part of our mission? We have something for everyone to enjoy as we all give back to the community we love. Here are just a few of our initiatives you can join – just give us a call or send us a message!

join the plant the flower initiative

Join the rest of ConnectSH as we continue building the plant the flower initiative. Simply make your sign and post it in your front yard!

log on for our morning zoom meetings

On the first Tuesday of every month at 8:00 AM, we gather online through zoom to discuss our individual stories and how they've developed.

find a local community event to attend

We're always hosting local events for our members (as well as the general public). As we progress through this year, keep an eye on our events!

take the sense of community survey

We want to hear from you! Add your opinion and be a vital part of how we focus our efforts throughout the community in the future.

photo credit to heidi timmons photography

everyone has a superpower that's unique to them

where do you fit?

 Fitting in isn’t just a middle school problem, fitting in is an essential to life. If you are here, if you are breathing, You fit in because you are you, and the world needs you!

ConnectSH helps you take the next step by helping you identify your own superpower and how to share your glory with the community. We’re also working on the ConnectSH app, which will offer online questionnaires, event listings, directories, resources, & much more.